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Irish Crystal from Cuchulainn
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Irish Crystal from Cuchulainn
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Cuchulainn Irish Crystal products featured here form part of our beautiful Eimear suite. Eimear was the wife of the Irish hero Cuchulainn and this crystal suite is a tribute to her as it reflects her beauty. The Eimear range of Irish crystal is hand made and made in Ireland by Cuchulainn Crystal in Dundalk, Co. Louth.

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Decanter SetsDecanter Sets

The Eimear range of Irish crystal uses full 24% lead crystal and the decanters are lovingly adorned with a traditional Irish fantail cut. The tantalus holding the crystal decanters is hand made and finished with mahogany and solid brass fittings. These Irish crystal decanters are each designed to hold a full bottle of whiskey (26.5oz or 75cl).


Irish Crystal giftware from the Cuchulainn's beautiful Eimear Collection.A little something for everyone! Choose from a range of exquisite miniature crystal vases and much more. This 3 inch crystal shell box is perfect for jewellery and all your little trinkets. The delicacy of your treasures are reflected in the delicate shell design and the beautiful Irish crystal. 


Irish Crystal Glasses of all shapes and sizes from the Cuchulainn collection. Raise them glass to toast any occasion with this luxurious range of top quality crystal. The gift of crystal is always appreciated and these satin-lined gift sets are ideal for Wedding or Anniversary gifts. Sláinte!


Cuchulainn Irish Crystal presents a range of tableware from the beautiful Eimear suite. The Eimear range of Irish crystal uses full 24% lead crystal and is lovingly adorned with a traditional Irish fantail cut. A range of fine crafted vases and bowls, guaranteed to delight anyone lucky enough to receive them. The perfect gift.

Trophies & Golf PrizesTrophies & Golf Prizes

These crystal golf prize trophies are the perfect example of the skill of the crystal craftsmen in Cuchulainn Crystal. The shape of the golf ball products is formed when the craftsmen creates the spherical shape. Each trophy is uniquely mouth blown and then each indentation on the golf ball is individually cut into the glass. 

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