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In our Irish Fashion Shop you will find a large range of Irish Accessories, Aran Sweaters, Capes & Shawls, Caps & Hats, Childrens, Cardigans, Shirts, Sweaters and Ties. We have joined forces with several Irish suppliers to bring you the very best of Irish goods in a variety of product lines, all available to you online. Our aim is to Bring Ireland to You by offering a vast selection of everything Irish. Each category found in the links to the left has a large selection of items - enjoy your shopping with Moytura & return often!

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Irish Fashion Accessories directly to you from Ireland. Quality Irish Wool Hats, Scarves & Gloves, Headscarves and warm Cashmere and Lambswool neck scarves.

Aran SweatersAran Sweaters

Aran Knitwear from Ireland in a variety of styles, colours and fashions. This selection offers Aran Sweaters, Lumberjackets, Cardigans and vests.

Capes & ShawlsCapes & Shawls

Traditionally, the Irish have always been pictured wearing a shawl around their shoulders. This collection presents the modern day shawls, capes and stoles from Ireland, which are available in a range of woven and spun fabrics and a fantastic range of colours.

Caps & HatsCaps & Hats

Irish Tweed flatcaps and baseball caps from Ireland along with the more traditional Irish baseball caps, hats and Aran tamoshanters.


Choose from a wide range of pure new Irish wool and linen-cotton mix Irish cardigans. Now you can own your own Irish masterpiece from Ireland. New Size Guarantee - buy one of these Irish cardigans and if you need to return it for a different size it will be shipped out your replacement for free!


Childrens Fashiom directly to you from Ireland. See our selection of lovely aran sweaters and jackets, Irish t-shirts and caps for kids.


Fashion from Ireland in the famous and very popular Irish Linen grandfather shirts. Top off your outfit with a beautiful Aran or Irish Linen Patchwork over vest.


Fashion from Ireland features a range of beautiful Irish wool  and cotton-linen mix Sweaters. Some are handknit in 100% pure new Irish wool making each one unique and individual. The secrets of Irish linen have been handed down through generations of Irish families and the skill of Irish spinners and weavers is world-famous. Check out the beautiful creations made by Tivoli Knitwear, Co. Cork, Ireland.


Choose your favourite Irish Tie from this range - there is one for every day of the week and any type of suit!


Irish Fashion T-shirts and polo shirts with your favourite logos and images directly to you from Ireland. You can even decorate your own T-Shirts with these beautiful Heraldic T-Shirt and Flag Transfers.

Those of you with an interest in Ireland might enjoy a quick visit to our sister site - where you can journey with Mary through some of her favourite places in the West of Ireland and to other places she enjoys visiting a little further afield. Or perhaps relax a while on her Reflections pages or maybe even visit the Circle of Prayer where people all over the world, and from every denonimation (and none), join together to pray for and with each other every day!. 

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'The fruit of silence is prayer; 
the fruit of prayer is faith; 
the fruit of faith is love; 
the fruit of love is service; 
the fruit of service is peace.' 
(Blessed Mother Theresa)
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