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Food From Ireland - The Candy Counter. Remember the days when you had £1 to spend on your favourite sweets and chocolate bars. Rekindle those memories here with all the old favourites from home. Check out the 'sweet deals' from the main link or the product ranges from each individual link.

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For a quick check of all the products available we have compiled a Stock List of candies, sweets and chocolates from your favourite producers, including a bulk buy option of most of their products. This makes it easier to see at a glance what's available by scanning the list.
The links below will bring you directly to Food Ireland's Candy Selections.
BULK BUY your favourite Candies and save BIG!- Bulk Buy Candy
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BULK BUY your favourite Candies and save BIG!- Bulk Buy Candy
Check out the full Candy Counter Here
 the individual product lines available above

Those of you with an interest in Ireland might enjoy a quick visit to our sister site - where you can journey with Mary through some of her favourite places in the West of Ireland and to other places she enjoys visiting a little further afield. Or perhaps relax a while on her Reflections pages or maybe even visit the Circle of Prayer where people all over the world, and from every denonimation (and none), join together to pray for and with each other every day!. 
Bon Voyage - and Don't Forget.......!

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Celtic Women International
Celtic Women International is a young and vibrant organisation founded by Jean Bills, a woman with Irish roots living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It is now in growth phase and expanding membership throughout the whole world for ANYONE (yes, even the guys!) with Celtic roots. It's purpose is to honour, celebrate and promote our Celtic Heritage. In the near future we hope to be a resource for all things Celtic with databases of other Celtic Organisations, Support Bodies, Music & the Arts etc. Membership, for only $25!!, incorporates a quarterly newsletter with the finest of articles related all things Celtic.

Our annual conference brings together some of the best advocates of Celtic Traditions as well as musicians and artists representing the recognised Celtic Nations of Ireland, Cornwall, Scotland, Wales, The Isle of Man, Brittany and Galicia and Asturia in Spain.  This year sees the conference on the move and will be held in New Orleans 2002, in Toronto 2003 , in Pheonix 2004 and in GALWAY, IRELAND! 2005. Please help us to grow this wonderful organisation by joining us as a member. All are very welcome and your presence can only enrich us. Learn all about us at: Celtic Women International

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Weather in Connaught, Ireland
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